Let’s keep this moving ahead. Let’s win this thing.

Maine has waited too long for bold action to build a strong and sustainable economy.  Augusta and Washington aren’t getting it done.  That’s why Opportunity Maine Campaign has joined with a large and diverse coalition to launch the Clean Energy Jobs Initiative, which will provide the good paying jobs and energy independence that our state desperately needs.

Citizens all over the state are gathering signatures to double the amount of renewable energy we produce in Maine over the next decade and to support energy efficiency projects that will cut electricity costs.  On Election Day alone, over 400 volunteers collected 28,000 signatures to put this initiative on the 2012 ballot!

If you have already signed the petition let us know why on our Facebook page. If you want to sign the petition let us know in the comments section!

We’re close, but we need your help to get over the finish line. Every dollar you can contribute gets us another signature closer to our goal of 70,000, gets the signatures to town and city clerks across the state, and gets them turned in to the Secretary of State in January.

Anything you can give — $10, $25, $50 or $100 — will be greatly appreciated and will fuel the success of this campaign.  You can take the extra step of contributing $10 a month from now through next November to help make sure we have the resources to win this campaign.  Will you help?

Let’s keep this moving ahead. Let’s win this thing.

P.S. Collecting 1 signature at a time, raising $1 at a time – that’s how regular Mainers can work together to win this campaign for good jobs and energy independence.  Will you help?

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Maine’s Green Collar Future

Photo via Sustainy

There is no more important issue on the table for Mainers than strengthening the state’s economy. It is for this reason that we are committed to fighting for and promoting the development of a strong green job economy here in the state.

Perhaps you have read in MaineBiz that Maine’s green jobs sector is growing at a rate faster than the national average. This is great news. Green job growth and expansion of the green economy means more higher paying jobs for more Mainers.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing stories of people working on the front lines of this movement, of businesses that are benefiting from this trend, and of green entrepreneurs who are flourishing. This movement is one that benefits us all by creating more financial and environmental security for Mainers, and by lowering our dependency on foreign energy sources.

Please share your green jobs stories with us on Facebook and on Twitter, and share this link with your networks to highlight the importance of this pragmatic movement.

Do you support the movement? Donate to Opportunity Maine and help us to organize, evangelize, and grow Maine’s green economy today.

[Photo Credit: Sustainy]

Speaking of Maine’s green economy, have you had the chance to check out this video that we produced about the Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties Pathways Project?



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Water Shortage Will Bring Green Jobs, Sustainability, Advocates Say || PALO ALTO PATCH

According to the [Stanford University] Palo Alto Patch: 

With the issue of a water shortage creeping to the forefront of government concern, the speakers called this the ideal time to create jobs. “It is an obvious green jobs opportunity,” said [Laura Unobskey] Shenkar [founder of The Artemis Project]. “The interplay between policy and people and technologies—that is the way that green jobs are created. It’s going to be an obvious economic driver.”

These are difficult times, but there are things cities and counties can do, said [Jeffrey] Byron [commissioner at the California Energy Commission]. Each year, the energy commission saves California consumers about $1 billion in energy savings by developing building and applicance standards. “Some cities come in and say they’re going to exceed those standards,” said Byron. “It’s about convincing your city that there are jobs associated with this.”

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