Thank you for your support and hard work to create a clean energy economy in Maine.

Thank you!

We are very close to having enough signatures to put the Clean Energy Jobs Initiative on the ballot—but we’re not quite at the required number of 57,277. Maine Citizens for Clean Energy will continue to collect signatures, so that we can qualify for the ballot in 2013.

Going for the 2012 ballot was always a race against the clock, and we are incredibly proud of what we were able to accomplish in such a short period. We could not have done it without you. Our coalition went from zero to more than 56,000 validated signatures in the 11 weeks we had—collecting roughly 28,000 signatures on Election Day and nearly 3,000 per week since Election Day.

Signature gathering will continue during the weeks ahead so that Maine people can vote on this measure in 2013. The outpouring of support from hundreds of volunteers and tens of thousands of voters who signed the petition in such a short time shows that Mainers want greater energy independence, more and better jobs, a stronger economy, and cleaner air and water.

Thank you again for your support of our work to advance innovative solutions to our energy challenges that create good jobs for our workers, economic opportunities for our businesses, and strong, sustainable communities in which all Mainers can thrive.

We appreciate your support and hard work to create a clean energy economy in Maine.

Please stay tuned, and many thanks again.

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Let’s keep this moving ahead. Let’s win this thing.

Maine has waited too long for bold action to build a strong and sustainable economy.  Augusta and Washington aren’t getting it done.  That’s why Opportunity Maine Campaign has joined with a large and diverse coalition to launch the Clean Energy Jobs Initiative, which will provide the good paying jobs and energy independence that our state desperately needs.

Citizens all over the state are gathering signatures to double the amount of renewable energy we produce in Maine over the next decade and to support energy efficiency projects that will cut electricity costs.  On Election Day alone, over 400 volunteers collected 28,000 signatures to put this initiative on the 2012 ballot!

If you have already signed the petition let us know why on our Facebook page. If you want to sign the petition let us know in the comments section!

We’re close, but we need your help to get over the finish line. Every dollar you can contribute gets us another signature closer to our goal of 70,000, gets the signatures to town and city clerks across the state, and gets them turned in to the Secretary of State in January.

Anything you can give — $10, $25, $50 or $100 — will be greatly appreciated and will fuel the success of this campaign.  You can take the extra step of contributing $10 a month from now through next November to help make sure we have the resources to win this campaign.  Will you help?

Let’s keep this moving ahead. Let’s win this thing.

P.S. Collecting 1 signature at a time, raising $1 at a time – that’s how regular Mainers can work together to win this campaign for good jobs and energy independence.  Will you help?

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